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A lot of companies use the ideas and principals of corporate governance in their strategic management systems. Other would like to organize a board of directors but don’t know how to do it properly. Some are not completely satisfied with the quality of the corporate governance in their business.


Corporate governance is a very complicated and sophisticated thing. On the one hand, it may be very useful – wide experience and expertise the board members may bring the new momentum to the business. A lot of companies all over the globe benefit from having the board, and among them there are not only public, but also private-owned companies, and even the family-owned. But on the other hand, the board of directors may be very inefficient. Sometimes it is very hard to draw the line between owners of the company and the board of directors, or between the board and the management of the company. Sometimes authority and responsibility of the board is not described clearly in the respective documents. In other cases the board try “illegally” widen its authority and conflict with management.


The founder and director of KVAN Consulting, Svyatoslav Biryulin, has been working in mane board of directors and know how it may happen – and why. He is also a Certified Director by Insitute of Directors (London).


Our expertise in corporate governance let us offer the following:


  1. Providing an audit of quality of the corporate governance in your company
  2. Creating the board of directors “from the scratch”
  3. Improving and optimizing the work of the current board


KVAN Consulting – an easy and short way to the effective board!

Even several years ago IT-technologies could be considered (at least in some industries) as an additional thing to make some processes faster or simpler. Or cheaper. But since 2010 the IT industry has made a gigantic leap and now it has become a heart and main kind of activity in some businesses which were so far from IT-technologies just ten years back.


Now you may avoid ordering thousands of details if you need dozens – you may just print them on 3D device. Smart algorithms may put your procurement managers out of their jobs, because they can calculate everything better than any human being. So can other algorithms do with you marketers – because now they can collect and process a huge amount of data and sometimes may predict the demand better, than traditional surveys. A lot of companies have changed their business model because new computing let them reduce their cost so much that they can reach out new customers in new countries despite of the distances. You may bay a T-shirt for jogging which is connected to you fitness bracelet. You may chose the color of your refrigerator when ordering it directly form the factory via web-site. In the world, where everything is connected to the internet, one should be proactive and data-driven, and to keep up with new technologies to sustain vital capacity of their company.


But being data-driven doesn’t just mean to hire a smart guys from the Silicon Valley or buying up-to-date computers. Your IT conception must be tightly connected to your general, strategic conception, and be a part of it. “Digitalization” is not a fashion and not a short-term trend, it is a necessity, but a company shouldn’t start it just because everybody does it.


Our experts and partners have broad experience both in IT-technologies and in strategic management which lets us suggest an integrated and comprehensive approach to the issue. We may help a customer to look at their company from a different angle and work out a new strategic business model in which IT technologies are aligned with the strategy, and, thus, with all the aspects of company’s activities.


KVAN Consulting – become more digital with us!

The meaning of operational efficiency has changed dramatically within recent decades. Even 20 years it actually meant “increasing the net profit”, whereas today it often means “surviving”. Whatever you produce, material products, information or service, you always have competitors ready to suggest the same things to your customers for the lower price.


Artificial intelligence, big data, robots and automated warehouses and self-service stores which seemed so fantastic several years ago now are becoming a part of our everyday life and work. And the pace of changing is also growing every day. So a business doesn’t have just to create a value for the customer – it should do it effectively, which means quickly (or just in time), cheap and with the best quality at the same time.


Being efficient doesn’t mean just to improve some logistic processes or upgrade an IT system. One has to research every process alongside the “value delivery workflow” and to find the way to enhance every part of it. Moreover, one shouldn’t stop doing so even for a day. If it seems that your business-processes are next to excellent, it is high time to begin improving them again.


KVAN consulting may offer:


– Analyzing your performance processes using workflow mapping technology;

– Finding the “losses” and processes need improvement;

– Searching for appropriate technical solutions;

– Different kinds of assistance in the implementation solutions, in the putting them into practice.


We also can affectively link your operational improving plan with your long-term strategy, which is very important for a contemporary business. A company shouldn’t be just operationally efficient, it has to be efficient in delivering value to its customers. Our expertise both in strategic management and operational efficiency allows link both conception into one cohesive and strategically successful solution.


KVAN Conlulting – the shortest way to the operational efficiency.

Strategy is a cornerstone of any business. Only young startups and small family companies may survive without a strategy, but also just within a short period of time.


The majority of CEOs and entrepreneurs understand that pretty well. But, according to business media, some of the companies face difficulties while establishing a new strategy, and only a few are completely satisfied with results. Some CEO’s have to admit, that the so-called “strategy-to-execution gap” takes place in their enterprises – when strategic goals, whatever explicit they are, in reality are too far from day-to-day operations.


To get things even worse, a contemporary company doesn’t need just an ordinary strategy, just a conception or even a Gantt chart with step-by-step plan. A contemporary company needs what we call “cumulative strategy”, which means a complex strategy, every component of which supports competitive advantage. It should be a cohesive strategy, uniting marketing and promotion, IT and logistics, sales force, HR and procurement management in an integrated system, capable to deliver the value to the customers.


KVAN Consulting may offer:


­– Market analysis, market researches.

– Deep analysis of strengths and weaknesses, gap analysis, financial analysis etc.

– Establishing a new mission for the company or renewing the current one.

– Developing a new vision, according to the market research and gap analysis, including new directions of development for your business.

– Drawing up an elaborated plan of fulfilment your plans and execution of your strategic programs.

– Conducting a checking of your strategy for integrity and coherence. Is your strategy a “cumulative one”? Is every department of your enterprise, every strategic or operational initiative contributing to the general idea? Does every project move your company towards its strategic objectives?

– Training, learning, conducting strategic and facilitative sessions.


KVAN Consulting – an easy way to a efficient strategy!