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KVAN Consulting

is a consulting company found in 2012. We specialize in marketing and strategic management.

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KVAN Consulting

KVAN Consulting is a consulting company from Eastern Europe founded in 2014. We are focused on strategy and marketing.

We provide different types of services, such as Corporate strategy, Business planning, Growth strategy / Market entry strategy, Value-based Management.

We help companies from different branches and fields define new approach to the markets, find new markets to enter, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, launch new successful products etc.

Svyatoslav Biryulin, a founder of the company, is also an author of several books about strategy. He is a famous business expert, strategist and experienced manager. As a former CEO of large companies in different branches, such as retail, production facilities, wholesaling etc. he uses his broad practical experience in his consulting projects.

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Our cases

Enter new markets and launch new products

Sometimes any company, whatever successful it is, understands that it has reached the borders of it’s customary market. The company has already reached out all the customers – at least the important and lucrative ones, and it is high time to move further.


Sometimes is happens when the borders of the market, on the opposite, moves quickly towards you. It happens when your market shrinks because of any economical reason or when your product simply becomes outdated.


Whatever the reasons, you have to find a new market for your product. Or a new product for your market. Or a new product for a new market. Or everything mentioned simultaneously.


But entering a new market – launching a subsidiary in another country or simply exporting your goods abroad, trying to attract new social groups of customers, searching for new distribution channels, – may be rather risky. Especially if you have to modify your product at the same time.


KVAN Consulting helps make it easier.


We can:


– Provide a market research for your company. Is a new market really that attractive and perspective for you? What does your company need to enter it? We may collect information of that kind in the former USSR countries and Eastern Europe.


– Provide a customer research. What do new customers what from your product? What are their needs and expectations? What should you do (for instance, how should you modify your product or to promote it) to match them? To be successful on the new market?


– Provide a deep analysis of the strengths and the weaknesses of your company. Is your company ready for new challenges? What (and when) do you have to change in your business model, in your strategic approach, in your IT system, your business processes etc. to carry out your plans on entering new market?


We also may:


  1. Create a “road map” – a step-by-step plan on how to transform your business in order to meet new challenges.
  2. Establish a new business strategy, including vision, mission, objectives and elaborated plan on how to reach them.


KVAN consulting – an easy way to new markets!
Entering the markets of former Soviet Republics

Task: Define the best way to entering the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. To establish the effective strategy of development in those countries and implement it.

Solution: The broad market research that was conducted let us find perspective market niches in those countries, in which the company could have been successful and could have got the competitive advantages. The products were updated to meet the expectations of local consumers – the price and the usefulness were adjusted. As a result, the market share of the product grew up to 25% and it is being successfully sold for more than two years at the moment. Read the case

Achieve your strategic objectives through

KVAN Consulting helps companies from different countries and field find their way to stable growth and take the most important steps on this way.

Our expertise in strategy design and increasing operational efficiency may be successfully used in any company, not depending on its size and features.

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KVAN Consulting tells local businessmen about Russian market.

Svyatoslav Biryulin, a general manager of KVAN Consulting, held a seminar in Ljubljana. The seminar was devoted to the opportunities and risks for European companies in entering the markets of former soviet republics, such as Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The seminar was organized by Slovenian online business-magazine Novi Podjetnik.

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Svyatoslav Biryulin in IBS – again

On May 10, KVAN Consulting CEO Svyatoslav Biryulin will again give a lecture at the International Business School, Ljubljana (Slovenia). Cooperation with IBS becomes permanent. This time the theme of Svyatoslav’s speech will be “Change management. Strategy in a changing world”.

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PAAS – investing in service

PAAS-Product As A ServiceWithin recent months I have several times encountered very poor quality service, in different situations and in different countries. The services involved parcels, taxis, online flight check-in, internet shopping, and more. It made me think about the importance of service in a world in which commodities are gradually becoming more and more… read more

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It is a little bit dangerous to criticize the Uber business model nowadays – anyone who does so risks being called an obscurant. It is considered good form to admire UBER and to say that this is a business model of the future. There have been a lot of attempts to use this business model… read more