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Accelerate “digitalization” of my business

Even several years ago IT-technologies could be considered (at least in some industries) as an additional thing to make some processes faster or simpler. Or cheaper. But since 2010 the IT industry has made a gigantic leap and now it has become a heart and main kind of activity in some businesses which were so far from IT-technologies just ten years back.


Now you may avoid ordering thousands of details if you need dozens – you may just print them on 3D device. Smart algorithms may put your procurement managers out of their jobs, because they can calculate everything better than any human being. So can other algorithms do with you marketers – because now they can collect and process a huge amount of data and sometimes may predict the demand better, than traditional surveys. A lot of companies have changed their business model because new computing let them reduce their cost so much that they can reach out new customers in new countries despite of the distances. You may bay a T-shirt for jogging which is connected to you fitness bracelet. You may chose the color of your refrigerator when ordering it directly form the factory via web-site. In the world, where everything is connected to the internet, one should be proactive and data-driven, and to keep up with new technologies to sustain vital capacity of their company.


But being data-driven doesn’t just mean to hire a smart guys from the Silicon Valley or buying up-to-date computers. Your IT conception must be tightly connected to your general, strategic conception, and be a part of it. “Digitalization” is not a fashion and not a short-term trend, it is a necessity, but a company shouldn’t start it just because everybody does it.


Our experts and partners have broad experience both in IT-technologies and in strategic management which lets us suggest an integrated and comprehensive approach to the issue. We may help a customer to look at their company from a different angle and work out a new strategic business model in which IT technologies are aligned with the strategy, and, thus, with all the aspects of company’s activities.


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Our cases

Entering the markets of former Soviet Republics

Task: Define the best way to entering the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. To establish the effective strategy of development in those countries and implement it.

Solution: The broad market research that was conducted let us find perspective market niches in those countries, in which the company could have been successful and could have got the competitive advantages. The products were updated to meet the expectations of local consumers – the price and the usefulness were adjusted. As a result, the market share of the product grew up to 25% and it is being successfully sold for more than two years at the moment. Read the case

Sales and products

Task: to “upgrade” an Eastern European company, to increase sales, to find a way to new perspective markets and to update its core product.

Solution: According to market research and evaluation of the company’s capabilities, the company had decent chances to be successful in the neighboring countries. Surveys and customer’s studies helped update the product line in order to make it demanded abroad. As a result, the company’s revenues grew by 14%, income – by 22%. Read the case