Slo Ru


My name is Svjatoslav Birjulin, I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenija. I used to be the CEO of some large enterprises. My consulting company, found in 2012, has been helping customers from different countries establish new successful business strategies.

Due to my work duties I meet many entrepreneurs and see a lot of business cases every year. Every new consulting project brings new challenges which makes me solve new tasks, obtain new knowledges and gain experience much faster than when I worked as a CEO. In this blog I share my thoughts and insights about business strategy. Please feel free to subscribe to it and I will love to share them with you as well. Welcome to Strategic Thinking Territory!

Business Model as a Distinguishing Feature

Competing with the help of the product is becoming more and more difficult. There are two major reasons for that. First, the competition itself is intensifying. In 2008, the smartphone market was dominated by the iPhone, followed by Samsung. And now, there are dozens of brands in various price categories on the shelves. In the… read more

Strategy & Company Level of Development

While implementing strategic projects, we paid attention to one important factor which cannot be ignored in any development project. That is the current level of the company’s development. We face a challenge as on the one side, there is the business owner, a knowledgeable and advanced person who clearly understands the meaning and necessity of… read more

Why Are Strategic Sessions Not Effective?

In at least a third of the strategic sessions I have had this summer, staff members have come to with skeptical smiles. Over coffee breaks, they confidentially told me that their sessions were regular, but there were no changes. So why do sessions turn out to be ineffective?First, you need to be clear about the… read more

Key Limitation

System analysis cannot do without analysis of limitations. Any system, should it be market, industry, or separate business, has its own limitations. For example, in a congested market, such as the cellular communication market, the key system limitation may be the number of inhabitants of a country or the rate of population growth. If all… read more