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Key Limitation

System analysis cannot do without analysis of limitations. Any system, should it be market, industry, or separate business, has its own limitations. For example, in a congested market, such as the cellular communication market, the key system limitation may be the number of inhabitants of a country or the rate of population growth. If all… read more

“Back Office” for own subordinates

Once, during a conversation, one of my clients, for whom I was conducting a strategic session, complained to me about the head of department, a subordinate who had been “working as a back office for the employees”. He meant that this subordinate was ready at any moment to answer any his subordinates’ questions. Even if… read more

PAAS – investing in service

PAAS-Product As A ServiceWithin recent months I have several times encountered very poor quality service, in different situations and in different countries. The services involved parcels, taxis, online flight check-in, internet shopping, and more. It made me think about the importance of service in a world in which commodities are gradually becoming more and more… read more

Complications of “Uberisation”

It is a little bit dangerous to criticize the Uber business model nowadays – anyone who does so risks being called an obscurant. It is considered good form to admire UBER and to say that this is a business model of the future. There have been a lot of attempts to use this business model… read more