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About growing fast

A lot of founders or CEO’s, especially if their companies raised some funds from investment capital, think day and night about the pace of growth of their businesses. They don’t sleep well after reading the articles about Uber which is growing faster than anybody has done before. They want their businesses to grow even faster.… read more

Old good strategy

According to Wikipedia, the strategic management discipline originated in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then a lot of good and interesting books have been written. People like Peter Drucker, Ichak Adizes and others have become classical theoreticians of the matter, studying and generalizing the negative and positive experience of thousands of companies. Millions of managers… read more

People need bosses

It has been told (and written) a lot recently about “flat organizations”, companies without bosses in the traditional sense. There are a lot of theoreticians and practitioners talking about businesses without typical forms of hierarchy. In such a company a founder or a CEO is not a boss acting and operating as a military officer… read more

A team

There are thousands (or, maybe, even millions) books about a significance, importance of a good team is business. Companies are run by people, business is made by people. As Peter Drucker said in his great book “The Effective Executive” (1967) a business has only two sources – people and money. And if you can get… read more