Slo Ru


A team

There are thousands (or, maybe, even millions) books about a significance, importance of a good team is business. Companies are run by people, business is made by people. As Peter Drucker said in his great book “The Effective Executive” (1967) a business has only two sources – people and money. And if you can get… read more

What does it mean – to be the boss?

If your business is very small sometimes you have to do things bosses typically don’t. You may load up a track with your own hand, which is going to a customer, or send a personal message to you consumer. It is normal, but just for a start. In large companies bosses have a job that… read more

Don’t think for your consumers

Every year at least several customers – CEOs or entrepreneurs, – come to us with the same request: their products are not demanded by consumers. And every time when it happens we ask them to show us the results of the last market research they did. “Market research?” – they typically ask, being obviously astonished,… read more

Concentrate on the ball

I often ask the audience while holding seminars or workshops – why do your businesses exist? What is the destination of your companies? And very often (actually much more often than I would prefer) I hear the answer – profit. People – entrepreneurs, CEOs, top-managers believe that the main purpose of their businesses is net… read more