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Power and responsibility

The head of a company (e.g. the CEO or founder) often complains about subordinates who are not ready to take charge of serious issues. He (or she) is convinced that they tend to use every opportunity to avoid responsibility. “I have to decide everything by myself,” the boss complains. In turn, senior managers at the… read more

A company has no costs – it has only investments

If you have an MBA degree, you probably studied financial management, which means that you can tell costs from investments. Both are typically seen in different forms of basic financial reports – P&L and cash flow. You are certain to find costs in P&L and investments in cash flow (or in the balance sheet).


How many words have been written about motivation! And it is obvious why – if you have at least one wage employee you’re facing this problem every day. If you are a boss it means that you don’t do the entire job by yourself. You have to delegate your tasks to employees, and you don’t… read more

About growing fast

A lot of founders or CEO’s, especially if their companies raised some funds from investment capital, think day and night about the pace of growth of their businesses. They don’t sleep well after reading the articles about Uber which is growing faster than anybody has done before. They want their businesses to grow even faster.… read more