Slo Ru


My name is Svjatoslav Birjulin, I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenija. I used to be the CEO of some large enterprises. My consulting company, found in 2012, has been helping customers from different countries establish new successful business strategies.

Due to my work duties I meet many entrepreneurs and see a lot of business cases every year. Every new consulting project brings new challenges which makes me solve new tasks, obtain new knowledges and gain experience much faster than when I worked as a CEO. In this blog I share my thoughts and insights about business strategy. Please feel free to subscribe to it and I will love to share them with you as well. Welcome to Strategic Thinking Territory!

“Back Office” for own subordinates

Once, during a conversation, one of my clients, for whom I was conducting a strategic session, complained to me about the head of department, a subordinate who had been “working as a back office for the employees”. He meant that this subordinate was ready at any moment to answer any his subordinates’ questions. Even if… read more

PAAS – investing in service

PAAS-Product As A ServiceWithin recent months I have several times encountered very poor quality service, in different situations and in different countries. The services involved parcels, taxis, online flight check-in, internet shopping, and more. It made me think about the importance of service in a world in which commodities are gradually becoming more and more… read more

Complications of “Uberisation”

It is a little bit dangerous to criticize the Uber business model nowadays – anyone who does so risks being called an obscurant. It is considered good form to admire UBER and to say that this is a business model of the future. There have been a lot of attempts to use this business model… read more

Power and responsibility

The head of a company (e.g. the CEO or founder) often complains about subordinates who are not ready to take charge of serious issues. He (or she) is convinced that they tend to use every opportunity to avoid responsibility. “I have to decide everything by myself,” the boss complains. In turn, senior managers at the… read more