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Enhance capability and effectiveness of the board of directors

A lot of companies use the ideas and principals of corporate governance in their strategic management systems. Other would like to organize a board of directors but don’t know how to do it properly. Some are not completely satisfied with the quality of the corporate governance in their business.


Corporate governance is a very complicated and sophisticated thing. On the one hand, it may be very useful – wide experience and expertise the board members may bring the new momentum to the business. A lot of companies all over the globe benefit from having the board, and among them there are not only public, but also private-owned companies, and even the family-owned. But on the other hand, the board of directors may be very inefficient. Sometimes it is very hard to draw the line between owners of the company and the board of directors, or between the board and the management of the company. Sometimes authority and responsibility of the board is not described clearly in the respective documents. In other cases the board try “illegally” widen its authority and conflict with management.


The founder and director of KVAN Consulting, Svyatoslav Biryulin, has been working in mane board of directors and know how it may happen – and why. He is also a Certified Director by Insitute of Directors (London).


Our expertise in corporate governance let us offer the following:


  1. Providing an audit of quality of the corporate governance in your company
  2. Creating the board of directors “from the scratch”
  3. Improving and optimizing the work of the current board


KVAN Consulting – an easy and short way to the effective board!

If your business needs qualified help, contact us and we will find the necessary solution

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Our cases

Entering the markets of former Soviet Republics

Task: Define the best way to entering the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. To establish the effective strategy of development in those countries and implement it.

Solution: The broad market research that was conducted let us find perspective market niches in those countries, in which the company could have been successful and could have got the competitive advantages. The products were updated to meet the expectations of local consumers – the price and the usefulness were adjusted. As a result, the market share of the product grew up to 25% and it is being successfully sold for more than two years at the moment. Read the case

Sales and products

Task: to “upgrade” an Eastern European company, to increase sales, to find a way to new perspective markets and to update its core product.

Solution: According to market research and evaluation of the company’s capabilities, the company had decent chances to be successful in the neighboring countries. Surveys and customer’s studies helped update the product line in order to make it demanded abroad. As a result, the company’s revenues grew by 14%, income – by 22%. Read the case